Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A good laugh and my birthday pictures...the pictures aren't the good laugh...Enjoy

Hope your week is going Fabulous!!

They say laughter is good for the soul and we all should have a few good belly laughs a day. I believe it keeps you young and healthy. There may not be much reason to laugh today in your life or circumstances but remember things are always changing and a good laugh could be just what you need. So click on the link at the end of this and laugh away.....

yep the Aquarium was too fun!!
 Last weekend I turned 36 and I had way too much fun...actually you can never have too much fun! Here are a few pictures of the day that turned into several days of festivities.
Jelly fishes!!!

My sister put this did she get in all the pics?

Me and a friend at the house party my friends and I  crashed sort of like the wedding crashers!! LOL!
Made my cousin laugh when I made this when we went out for my b-day dinner ( you must celebrate yourself first)

Everything you see here was organic :)and delicious

It was another beautiful day in Long Beach...
This is what I did all Sunday..chillin on the couch

Okay on to the video...If you workout at Lean Body Fit Camp you never have to worry about any of these things happening to you...but if you don't  and  you work out at a gym or some other random places..I can't guarantee it won't happen...its pretty funny.
Here is the video:

Until the next time....
Peace, love and Health

Chelsea Cooper,CPT

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  1. Happy Birthday Chelsea Cooper! May the years continue to be good to you.