Friday, September 17, 2010

Failing forward...

Hope all is well!!
I was asked the other day about my blogs and why they are so focused on success and failure and why don't I give more tips on how to tighten, tone, and just looking good!! fitness Pictures, Images and Photos
I proceeded to explain that I do that in my bi-monthly newsletter its packed with exercises, recipes, and whatever else I can think of  to send my subscribers I have over 500 subscribers and growing.... ( You can email me and ill put you on my newsletter list)

But my blog is my baby, and I feel like 1) we have so much information about everything, working out, who
5 Tips For Integrating Social Networking with Traditional Marketing Pictures, Images and Photos   Facebook Pictures, Images and Photos did what, the latest fashion, how to make a quick million, and if you really think about it...most people still aren't  working out, they aren't millionaires, and they just live a mundane existence. I dont know what #2 was going to be it just sounded good when I was writing it...smiley Pictures, Images and Photos...

I feel its my job to empower you into ACTION!! All the information in the world will not get you in shape, or get you a better job, or help you reach your dreams. Its a combination of the two. thus the title of my blog: Failing Forward

Failing doesnt mean I'm a failure , it just means I have not yet succeeded.
It doesnt mean I've accomplished nothing, it just means I've learned something.
It doesn't mean I've been a fool; it just means I had the courage to take a risk.
It doesn't mean Im inferior, it just means I'm not perfect.
It doesnt mean Ive wasted my time;it just means I have a reason to start over.
It doesn't mean I should give up;it just means I have to try harder.
It doesn't mean I'll never make it. I just need more patience.
It doesnt mean God has abandoned me; it just means He has a better idea!
Bob Gass "Starting Over"

I found that to be very empowering for myself personally.. there are always set backs but its how you look at them is what makes the difference.

In Leadership Magazine, J. Wallace Hamilton says "the increase of suicides, alcoholics, and even some forms of nervous breakdowns, is evidence that many people are training for success without ever being trained to handle failure. Yet failure is far more common than success, poverty is far more prevalent than wealth, and disappointment is far more normal than arrival".

Only when you can look failure in the eye experience it and move beyond it ,will you succeed!
failure Pictures, Images and Photos

This is so true we think it is admirable to be hard on ourselves, but really it just gives us to many reasons why we should stop, just short of success. I see this all the time in my classes one small slip up and someone wants to stop, its a learning experience learn from it and move on.

You must change your perception of failure before you can really achieve anything, most of us grew up in a culture where failure is unacceptable and usually rewarded with embarassment. We have to change out mind set and see failure as getting one step closer to our goals and dreams!!dreams Pictures, Images and Photos

I would love to hear your opinions, thoughts and/or comments.

Stay Fit & Fab!!

Chelsea C.
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

8 things I learned about success.. while climbing a Rock!!

I just came back from a fun Vegas trip. Yep I came back in one piece and with all my faculties for the most part.  I stayed at the Venetian and I lived it up for 2 days  whoohoo!! Between the Tao pool, Wolf Gang pucks, hitting the malls and the outlets and eating lunch at the Paris Restaurant over looking the bellagio water fall, I want to say it was pretty restful trip and usually rest and Las Vegas dont mix;-)

I probably ate a little too much but I  always use the 80/20 rule when I go on vaction. Eat  right80 % of the time and have at it the  other 20 percent .

I think that was vegetable fried rice...yummy!!

noodle something....

 But you know I had to hit the gym once or twice on my vaca..thats just how I do it.   The Venetian had a  state of the art Fitness Facility- shout out to Evelyn for working out with me !! Anywho as we were leaving I saw this indoor Rock climbing wall and I thought to myself...mmmm Ive always wanted to do that, but it does look a little dangerous. But what the heck.... so we went to the front desk and proceeded to sign up for a Rock climbing session.

Ill admit we did have a few hours to back out of it, but I thought sometimes I just have to get out of my comfort zone and do sometihg different and that's what I did...little did I know from that 30 Minute Rock Climbing Session I would get some life lessons out of it. But here it goes my
im thinking what did I get myself into
                 Rock climbing adventure...and 8 tips to get to the Top!!

1. Have a Goal/Vision- You have to have a tangible goal that reminds you of what you want to accomplish. and a sense of  purpose.  I wanted to climb the wall and I wanted to reach the top. Not only did I climb it and reached the top and  I went up a second time and tried the harder level and conquered that as well! I'm just sayin...

2.  Fear of failure and the Unknown- this is usually the next step that happens in our minds as soon as we start something new. Its common to have a little fear of the unknown. But its all about how you channel that fear. You can look at fear and use it to fuel you to do more than you ever thought. Or fear can paralyze you into inaction its your choice( check out my last blog)
Just don't give into it!    I  Figured hey I'm in Vegas the worst  that could happen is I can try and fail miserably and actually fall off the wall but I have some confidence because I am athletic and work out so figured it couldn't be that bad

3. ACtion!!  You can have all the knowledge in the world but without actually doing it, it means nothing. I Had to put it into action, and register AND show up for my appoint. Half the battle is showing up everyday to life, school, workouts etc.

4. Invested in a Teacher/Mentor .  First of all they wouldn't let me go up the wall without someone there holding the rope. But I had to trust what she was telling me was correct, since I had never  climbed a wall before. Just like in life we need help and instruction, we can't do it alone and it pays to get some help. So don't be afraid to ask for help and then be willing to take instruction.
Me the teach and Eve

5. Started climbing the 40 foot wall: what's your wall? Is it over eating, laziness. Lack of consistency, motivation, no real goals, past failures, low self esteem,shyness, perfectionist, too hard on yourself, whatever it is start climbing it today!! One step at a time..

6. Never look back you can't go forward looking back- I heard my instructor  say
don't look down which made me want to look down! But I kept looking up to my goal.

"The opposite of winning isn't losing, its quitting."Scott Sonnen
You can't quit. You just can't. Doesn't matter how hard of a day
yesterday was, or how hard today will be. Quitting is not an option!

7.Strategy . Plan. Things don't just happen you have to have a road map to success. If I would have taken her instructions and tried to go full speed I would not have made it. I was patient with my self and fought through the mistakes..and thought out my next step..literally!  I actually expected to make some minor mistakes.
8.At some point there was no turning back I was in the middle of this
40 foot wall as I climbed I got more and more confident in my ability to climb the wall.
see that speck that's me reaching the second level!!
I Made it to my goal, it took time and I had a never say die attitude.

That's what it takes in getting to your goals whether its losing weight, changing careers or pursuing your passion!and its always great to have support when you are trying new things so come check out Lean Body Fit Camp and let us get you the body you want and deserve!!

Those are my secrets to success what are yours? Would love to hear your thoughts and  comments on what you have done to be successful in whatever you are doing;-)

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Stay Fit n Fab!!
Chelsea C.