Friday, December 31, 2010

37 things I learned in 2010

As a New Year approaches its always good to reflect on what you learned and what you did right and what you can do better. So every year I take some time and do just that.. so I would like to share a few insights with you. would love to hear what you learned in 2010!

1. If you don’t have WRITTEN goals, you’ll never achieve anything. Success just doesn’t “happen”; you need to plan toward something specific.

2.Short duration, high-frequency training is the most effective way to build muscle. Also known as Interval Training- its fun and effective- thats how we do it at LB Fit Camp!!
3. If you arent mentally ready to change your habits you wont reach any of your goals..especially your fitness goals.

4. Learned that I can say just about anything...and as long as I put 'Im jus sayin' at the end it makes it okay

5. Doing 1000 crunches a day by itself will not get you flat abs-maybe just some lower back and neck pain( I knew this prior to 2010 but wanted to share---Im jus sayin--see it works! ( Im not responsible for any pain or suffering caused if you use this and it doesnt work)

6. Instead  do core work like prone iso abs and side iso abs, mountain climbers and 4 point pillar tightens your abs and lower back and works like a charm for flat abs- if you have no idea what it is google it or come to my classes.

7. Indoor Rock climbing was a BLAST!! Will be doing it again and Highly recommend it!

8. The older I get , the more my mom knows...WOW!

9. I am not an island...and neither are you

10. Change is inevitable so embrace it and move forward

11. dont start things that you arent willing to finish

12. Read more books; book recommendations Emyth by Micheal Gerber and 4 hour work week by Tim Ferriss. Those two books alone has changed my whole outlook on my business and time management.

13. The more I know what is put into the fast food, chips, soda, candy, ice creams...the less I want them. Check out  the Food Inc. video.

14. facebook...who knew

15. Micheal Jackson Experience on the Wii is way too fun and addicting!! But you have to try it!!

16. My   cousin has a keen ability to bring out the choreographer in me. We made up some killer moves to Miley Cyrus Party in the USA!(Dont judge me)

17. To be grateful for what I have...I mean really grateful!

18. I Love taking NAPS!!

19 You reap what you sow( good or bad) some call it karma others what comes around goes around, the sooner we grasp this truth the better off we are.

20.. Saying something and doing it are two totally different things

21. I have an Awesome family and great friends! I dont tell them enough that I love them and im blessed to have them in my life. so take the time out today and let the people you care about know it.

22. Humility is the secret weapon to success.

23. Im smart, and funny and always up for a good adventure. Hey if I dont believe it who will?

24. Was told I have a young spirit... I took it as a compliment

25.  Although I feel about 21 most of the time. when I start dancing with my 9 year old cousin and nephews those old basketball injures become more apparent.

26. Realized that most of the  time all we see  is the end result of peoples hard work. And we never stop to think what they had to endure to get there. Nothing is free or easy and if it is wont last!

27. If it looks to good to be is and although everyone has heard this and believes it...very few of us practice it...Im just sayin...

28. Leaders aren't born they are made.

29. Learned how to make a cake from scratch...ok it was out of the box and I added water, eggs and oil..but hey there is alot that can go wrong between the batter and the finished product. and yes it was good!

30. Let go. Let God...really

31. The mind is powerful beyond belief, guard it, and protect it, it is not a playground

32.  Those that show themselves friendly have friends...

33. Dare to dream BIG!!

34. Wisdom is knowledge applied over and over

35. Love my Lean Body Fit Camp family and looking to expand!!

36. Nothing replaces doing what you love on a daily basis. It may not always be easy but the reward is worth it. So find out what you love and do it!

37. Most of my friends can cook...thats why they are my friends:-)

38. Looking back just holds me back...learning to let go of the past and move toward the future that I am destined for!

39. I can still beat my nephews in basketball even if Im wearing jeans, a sweater, and boots.. Ima bad mutha...shut yo mouth!! Im just saying LOL!!

40. Forgiveness is the greatest gift that I can give to myself.

41. Without Jesus I can do Nothing...but with Him  anything is Possible!

42. Grateful for Second, third and forth chances!!

Ok I know that was more thatn 37 but hey I like to overdeliver..what can I say!!

Wishing you and yours An Awesome New Year and continued growth, abundance and Love!!
2011 is going to be Fab-U-Lous!!

Would love to hear what you learned in 2010.. when all of us colaborate our expereinces we learn and grow at a faster pace.

Love and Health in the New Year!

Finish Strong!

Chelsea C.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide Nutrition Checklist

Use the following nutrition checklist to stay on track during the holidays.

For each of the 10 NUTRITION standards you meet in the outlined checklist below, you earn ONE point.

If your goal is to maintain your weight during the holidays, then you MUST achieve at least 5 total points each week.

If your goal is to reduce your weight and lose body fat during the holidays, then you MUST achieve at least 8 total points each week.

___ Did you say NO at least 90% of the time when the candy dish or plate of cookies was passed around the office or your workplace?

___ Instead of bringing a dessert or candy to work for everyone to enjoy , did you bring something more healthy like a veggie or fruit platter with a healthy dip? Make sure it's festive - Use those green, red, orange and white veggies and fruits!

___ Did you skip the bread and breaded appetizers at holiday dinners and parties? Remember, bread and flour products are useless carbohydrates devoid of good nutrition.

___ Have you told yourself that sugar and sweet treats will kill you? Avoid eating sweet treats by eating protein: Curb Sugar Cravings With Protein

___ Did you eat healthy, balanced meals containing protein, whole carbohydrates and fats the day of a holiday party instead of starving yourself and "saving" your calories?

___ Did you stay away from alcohol at 90% of your holiday events? Remember: alcohol causes your body to store fat and not be able to burn fat, and when you add sugar to it, it makes it even more detrimental.

___ Did you stick to mostly protein and veggies at holiday dinners and parties?

___ If you have to bake holiday treats over the next two months, did you bake something low in sugar and high in fiber, protein and healthy fat? Remember that artificial sweetened foods are not any better. Stick with less real sugar or use Stevia and you're body will look better.

___ If you can't exercise due to holiday commitments, did you keep your carbohydrate intake lower and focus mostly on proteins, vegetables and some fruits?

___ If you know you're going to eat more carbs than your body needs at a holiday event, did you plan this into a carb cycling routine? The day prior, eat a lower carb diet, and then the day following, eat a no carb diet - Give yourself an extra point if you also did a damage control workout

___ Total Points

Print  out a few of these sheets . Use it works!!  It will save you a few added pounds.

Hope this helps. I use it when I go out:-) Do you have any rules you would like to share that helps you through the holidays? Feel free to share.

Dedicated to your fitness success!!

Finish strong

Chelsea C.