Wednesday, July 11, 2012

L.B. F.C Case Study #1 (The anatomy of losing weight)

Client:  Jazmin  Fields,  age 30 (starting weight 193 current weight 163): Before starting Jazmin  her own words she  was “unhealthy out of shape and had to do something about it asap”.

Her Story: Start date June  2011 Jazmin had tried many times to lose weight prior to joining Lean Body Fit Camp. Jazmin had struggled with her weight for long time. She had tried Nutri-system – packaged processed foods which she eventually got too boring.  She tried regular gym classes with her sister Jenai – but according to her she had no coordination, no motivation, and couldn’t stick with it. She even tried the Master Cleanse. No matter what she tried, she gained the weight back over time.

This is where the story gets interesting, her awesome sister Jenai started training at Lean Body Fit Camp, and thought this would be perfect for Jazmin. Because Jazmin  was always looking for ways to lose weight. Jazmin was  hesitant about starting the Fit Camp because she had attended classes with her sister  before and Jenai is fit and coordinated and I am not. I just figured it would be another situation like that”. She tried Lean Body Fit Camps Free Week Trial, just to get her sister off of her back. And after the first week she never looked back she signed up for the 12 month  Skinny Jeans Program and got to work.

“L.B .F.C has helped me find my inner strength and will power to keep coming every day and take control of my health and body. I believe everything happens for a reason…”    

Results :  In Jazmins own words "I feel so much better about my body and my health and feel I can do so much more fitness wise. Before I  started with Lean Body Fit Camp I wouldn’t even think about attempting anything requiring too much work because I don’t want to be embarrassed and out of breath. Now I’m willing to take on so much more and push myself". She is down 30 pounds, but more importantly her body fat % is down and she is focusing on feeling good and healthy and not the number on the scale.

Solution:  Although it took a few months Jazmin began to change her lifestyle habits. When she started to see some results she began to realize that she could do it, but it wasn’t going to be a short cut or quick fix. She knew if she wanted to lose the weight and keep it off fitness was going to have to be a way of life. Jazmin attributes the LBFC programs & food journal and being more aware of what she is eating day in and day out to her progress. She feels she can stick with the program at LBFC and it also challenges her to get better. She also loves the weekly goals that are set because it starts your week off with a goal that you want to meet and accomplish.                                 

Jaz before starting LBFC

Jaz 6 months later
Jazmin this Summer

We are proud of Jazmin and looking forward to even greater things from her.

If you can identify with Jazmin and her story  and want to get started on your own story go to our website and sign up for a Free week trial or ask about our Summer specials and start your new improved life today:) and maybe you will see Jazmin in class and chat with her.

The time is always now, to do the right thing.
Finish Strong,
Chelsea C.