Wednesday, August 17, 2011

LB Fit Camp Video

Hope your Summer is going Fabulous!!!
Here is the long awaited video clips from our 1st Annual Lean Body Fit Camp Special Edition Workout.
That's it!!

Here it is.. Enjoy!

Finish Strong!!

Chelsea Cooper, CPT

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A gift for ya :-)

Well its that time of year again...My Birthday!! Whoot Whoot! I will be celebrating all week long... a little this a little that and some R and R in Catalina. Anyhow before I go on my excursion I wanted to leave you with a gift.

About a year ago I wrote this awesome ebook called 'Fitness Made Simple'. It has some great content, exercises, even a meal plan and snack ideas. I was selling on my site for a while but recently took it down to revise it and add more great content.

Soo... Ive decided to Give you my book as my gift to you on my birthday. Yep give it to you. Its my way of saying thank you for your time and being apart of the LB Fit Camp tribe.

The link is down below, just click,download and enjoy.

Sorry the link was only up for a limited time. But dont worry the new Revised issue will be out soon.

Happy Birthday to me!! My birthday was yesterday the 3rd..but like I said im celebrating it all week..

Finish Strong!!

Chelsea Cooper, CPt-NASM

P.S. And for a Free Tryout  at Lean Body Fit Camp go to and fill out the Free Week form.

Chelsea Cooper, CPT- NASM