Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Workout pics & 5 key ingredients that will ensure your fitness success

Hope your day is going Fabulous!

After a long holiday weekend gettting back into the groove of things is tough. I personally can't remember what day it is:) Anyhow we had a Great Memorial Day Workout on Monday at Lean Body Fit Camp. And before I give you the 5 Keys ingredients that will ensure your fitness success let me tell you what we did on Memorial Madness Monday!!

Yes this is real people in my class working it out!! oh yeah!

We combined our both our morning and evening classes together for ONe big workout at 9am (so people could sleep in but still have time to enjoy the day). We did a jog around the park with a few exercises in between and then we  played "Octopus" can't explain it ...its kind of like tag but not, you just had to be there.    Then we got into it and did a   60 second- 3 exercise cycle workout  for 20 min that bruned off every rib, chicken, corn, baked bean , pig feet, hog mog...(lol) they might have ate or thought about eating.

Needless to say they were beat and grateful that we were finished. Great job ladies and gentlement.

Some of the LBFC crew sorry Chrsitina and Susan Im no phtograher LOL!
After class I began to think what motivated people to get up before 10am leave there cozy bed and families and come to workout at 9am on their day off. My first thought was who wouldnt want to see me and Larmar on there day off? LOL! But then I begin to think what did all the clients that showed up that day have in common? What seperates them from my other clients and just normal people that would love to lose weight, look great and have more energy.

So in no particular order these are the ingredients to change your life, your circumstances and your heatlh:

1.Written Goals-  They all have a goal. We just had everyone write a 4 week goal on one of our boards. I believe in the saying " that a goal is ajust a dream, until you write it down". We also go over other goals throughout our program and have them write those down as well. Goals posted where we can see them daily help remind us why we are doing what we are doing.

4 Week Get Ready for summer goal board
2. Desire- The goal they have is big enough to fuel there desire within. If you want something and someone gives you the blueprint  to how to get , you will follow it gladly to get to your desired outcome. If you have lost your desire maybe your goal is someone else's or you dont want it enough to do what it takes. Burning desire to be or do something gives us staying power - a reason to get up every morning or to pick ourselves up and start in again after a disappointment” -Marsha Sinetar

3.Admit there need for help-  The greatest thing someone can do for themselves is admit they need help. For a long time I thought I could do it all. But in reality Im not very good at all things and somethings I just need someone to hold my hand and hold me accountable,or it will not get done. For example paper work or even sometimes working out. Yep! I go to group classes as well and know someone is there to push me and I love the interaction with others wanting to get better through fitness. I also hear my clients confess that they would not have come to class if they hadn't signed up already or they didnt want me blowing up there phone asking them where they have been.LOL! So accountability and acknowledging you need assistance in the process is very important.

4. Willing to pay the price- Its easy to say yes I'm ready to change my life. I want to feel better about myself, I want to look good, I want to feed my body the right foods and so on. But then the real test comes, are you willing  to commitment to changing some habits? Come to class and work hard daily? Are willing to push through the sore muscles and your mind that tells you to stop as soon as you feel a little discomfort?

We all will pay the price for what we do or dont do. A little pain through a workout now or a long stay in the hospital later? Some discomfort now, but a few weeks down the road you won't even remember the discomfort because you will feel like a totally different person?  Sometimes we have to look past the momentary pain and push through to the goal. Anything you have ever acheived  thats worth anything probably involved hard work and paying a price.

5-Mindset- Although this is #5 this is actually the most important of them all. If we are going to succeed at anything we have to get our minds right. Negitive self talk will destroy a goal before you even get started. Excuses to why you can't do something is also very detrimental. And the one I see way to often is the # mindset.( I can write a whole blog about this and probably will soon). Getting caught up in a magical number on the scale has sabatoged many people that were on there way to getting to there goal.

 We live in a society that is number driven whether its how much you make a year, or how many pounds you want to lose. But see thats backward we are focused on the wrong thing. If you want more money then take your gifts and talents to the world and help them with what you have ( another blog for another time) and you will have plenty of money.  If you wamt to lose weight and feel great focus on taking care of your body. Feeding it properly, loving yourself, exercising because our bodies were meant to move, ask for help, but most of all its a lifestyle change and if you arent willing to do those things,( yes its a process) then you will never get to that magic number and if you do it by any other means( lots of shortcuts) you will either feel miserable because all you can eat is 5 grapes a day  or you will gain your weight back. So get your mind right. Showing up is half the battle the other half is getting your mind prepared for the battle.

Hope this has  helped feel free to share it with someone. Ask yourself  Do you have goals written where you can see them? Do you have a deep desire to accomplish something? Have you admitted you can't do it alone? Are you willing to pay the price? And is your mindset set on the positive or set on Negative? I always tell my Fit Campers - Get your mind right ...before you step into class. :)

Hope this helps. If you have any comments please feel free to do so. And Ill get back with you.

Finish Strong !!

Chelsea Cooper

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