Friday, March 22, 2013

Have you been to the Natural Product expo?? I have and here we go...

Hope this finds you doing well.

 Well as you know I am on a quest to live a healthier happier life by eating healthier,  exercising and working on my mind and spirit:-) (and you get to go along on my adventures)  But it's tough in  a society that is set up for us to over indulge in everything , eat unhealthy and helping us become dependent on over the counter drugs. But we all have choices daily and if we choose the right ones we have the power.(Thanks for listening to my rant).

got my badge and I was ready....

 Okay on to the good stuff! This was my very first year going to the Natural Products Expo. They have everything from supplements, to skin and hair care products, to vegan foods, all types of water, healthy drinks, yogurts, bars, clothing, the works.

The premise is that everything there is suppose to be  Natural (a few things were questionable like the Emergen-C and few others). For example things were made with cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup, or no artificial flavors just the real fruit or paraben free soaps, makeup, and  deodorant. (if you aren't familiar with parabens they are in most make up, soaps, deodorants, perfumes and they are dangerous and can cause serious health issues. Google it and find out).

Anyhow it was a really good experience it was from Friday March 8th-10th. A few friends and I  went and we were basically there all day everyday until it closed, needless to say we were wore out. Next year I don't plan on opening and closing down the place. I'm still recovering a week later:-/
 Lets see I met Gunner Petersen (he is a trainer that trains a lot of A-list celebrities) He was nice and we chatted a bit that was fun.
That's Gunner...I have some footage of me talking to him hope to get it out to you soon.

 Of course I got a picture with him. Rohan Marley was there on Saturday. He is one of the sons of Bob Marley they were in the action with Energy drinks and some type of coffee not to sure though.

            Rohan Marley not sure what I got signed but he was cute:-)

So after the first day of sampling way too many Natural chicken fingers, chips, coconut water, energy drinks,bars, yogurt and a host of other treats. I was ready and focused on Saturday to actually look for some products I could use and of course my clients and my LBFC readers could use so here are 5 of the more than 1000 vendors out there.

No lady Ive eaten 20 of those NON GMO  vegan chikin things.LOL!

1. Thunderbird -Energetica
These bars were awesome! I am a little suspicious of most bars even the ones I eat sometime because of all the crap that is in them. If you have a bar handy look on the back its a lot of ingredients and half of the things your can't pronounce and they are usually loaded with the same amount of sugar that is in candy bars. That being said these bars where AMAZE-BALLS LOL! (I've been watching way to many Miley Cyrus movies...don't judge) They actually tasted good and where healthy the pictures speak for themselves. All the ingredients are all there for you to see and its real food. Delicious. I was so excited I took a picture with the vendors, very nice people.

Look at this: they laid out every ingredient that was inside the bar...all real food! That's what we should be eating

Now that I am a juicing snob LOL!( I did a post on all the juicing Ive been doing in the past month on my last post check it out if you haven't seen it)I stay away from most juices because  most juices that you probably have in your house right now are full of artificial flavors, preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup. And although its "juice" and marketed as good for you its really adding unwanted pounds to you and is doing nothing to help your body from a nutritional stand point.
I recommend this juice if you do not have time to juice at home. I'm sure there are other ones but this tasted really good and I could read and understand all the ingredients:)
The beet juice mixed with something else was my favorite...yummy!

3. Veggie Chips by The Daily Crave
Veggie chips are  the hottest craze going on. Its a good substitute if you are a potato chip fan. I'm not big on it but I know a lot of my clients like the crunch and salty taste. What's great about this product and a lot of the products at the expo is that  they were non GMO (if you don't know about GMO's check it out on google.) But its basically genetically modified anything: potatoes, soy beans and corn and they can genetically modify most food which means its not real kinda like franken-food like Mickey D's, but its in a lot of things and they don't have to tell us.

4. They had something for everyone. For those that drink alcohol- They had natural cocktail Mixers by Powell and Mahoney
 If you are going to drink you want to minimize how often you drink because they tend to be high in sugar and calorie content(at least the mixed drinks) and you tend to eat more when having alcohol. It was too early in the morning for me to taste test it but my friends said they were refreshing.

5. Turmeric and curcumin juice by Zingi Well
I didn't know what turmeric was or curcumin until I went to the expo.(You can google both of them for there health benefits).  Its suppose to be filled with anti-oxidants and anti inflammatory properties. Its really good and of course natural.You should at least try it out for yourself.

     And of course we also had some fun and met some great people.

Yes that us...Stephen,Tanya and I in that order. Working hard and having fun!!

my drink stash, some chia samples and a few more things....yes you see my nutri-bullet(thanks to one of my AWESOME clients) in the back and juicer..

Thanks again for taking time out of you day to visit with me, I hope you got something out of it and please let me know if you try something and give me your opinion. Most of these products can be found at Whole foods stores or Lazy Acres, also Sprouts markets or a health food store in your area.

Until next time. Go to our website to check out our success could be next, what are you waiting for?

P.S Ive started doing some Success coaching session with my clients and people that just need some guidance, and the results are off the charts!! If you would like more information about the program email me at I may even take 1 or 2  Online coaching clients if there is a need:-)

Finish Strong!
Chelsea C.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I got muscle with Zumba...said no one EVER

I got muscle with Zumba … said no person ever.
Before the weekend hits, I want to set something straight:
For real results, you need to build muscle..
And to build muscle, you need to damage it during your workout, so that it can ‘re-grow’ afterwards.
Yup, damage.. stay with me. During this ‘re-grow’ after your workout.. it’s the intention to have your muscle grow back stronger and bigger.

That’s one of the main purposes of working out, aside from burning calories during the workout.
DURING your workout you’re tearing it down. When you eat & sleep you rebuild.
But you will only ‘regrow’ and rebuild your muscle if you:
  • Lift  weight (with proper form)
  • Have a complete meal within 60 min after finishing your workout (go sweet potato & Kale, both available at Trader Joes.)
  • Be nice to others. Don’t be like Justin Timberlake, only inviting 2 of the N-Sync members for his wedding with Jessica Biel, that’s just mean.
  • Drink at least half a gallon water (aim for a gallon and fail forward)
  • Get at least 7 hours sleep. No more Jay Leno. Go to bed.
  • Reduce stress to a minimum. And cut out all vampires from your life.
  • Eat clean. No more drive-throughs.
And  Stop saying things like “I want arms like that” or “I want legs like hers”. Be grateful, happy with what you have. I can guarantee you that your absolute WORST day is someone
else’s dream come true .
If you do all this properly, you will gain muscle.

(PIck one or two of the above for the week and gradually add on do not try and do all these at once...but you can be nice while doing these things)

Gaining muscle is GOOD.

When you gain muscle, you increase your metabolism throughout the day, so that your Calories OUT goes up not only during your workout, but also afterwards..
This is why I’m big-time anti-marathons(all my clients know this).Unless you’re on a bouncy treadmill, running long-distance breaks muscle down like no other.

Yeah you’ll burn calories while running, but you’ll lose muscle as well – the OPPOSITE of what you want. Big time risk of getting ‘skinny’ instead of ‘sleak and toned'.

And at LB Fit Camp all my clients know that  skinny is extinct. This year  it’s about c-shapes, strength, and legs that have ‘content’.
So you break down muscle while you workout. That’s why every workout should be 45 min max – you don’t want to damage your muscle for too long
Muscle, muscle, muscle, muscle, muscle.. muscle

To all the  ladies: I want you to read that sentence a couple times – or as many times you need to become comfortable with the term.
Muscle is good, it’s your friend. And this email serves as my retirement from telling you that muscle does not make you bulky..
In other words, this is the last time I’m saying it:
Excess bodyfat makes you look bulky. And excess calories gives you excess bodyfat.
Therefore, CALORIES make you bulky

Calories IN vs Calories OUT
Nutrition 101: If you have meatball marinara’s for lunch, you’re giving yourself too little ‘wiggle room’ for all other 5 meals you should be eating throughout the day..
 and you’re very likely to overeat throughout the day.
‘Overeating’ here means that your Calories IN from waking up to bedtime exceeds your Calories OUT.
One more time:
IN more than OUT: you gain weight
IN equals OUT : you stay the same
IN less than OUT : you lose weight (provided your deficit is reasonable and not all week long, avoiding the starvation response)
See, I’m slightly fired up here – because after I spoke with a potential client about Zumba being ineffective for fat loss, I get this reply :
“Zumba is a great workout because people sweat and one of my friends lost 30 lbs while doing it”
To debunk this nonsense:

1. Sweat is not an indication of a good workout, it is your body’s way of ‘cooling you down’ when you get hot. Some people sweat more than others, and it has little to do with whether your workout is effective.

2. Anyone can lose 30 lbs by reducing their calories IN.. i.e. going on a diet. If you’re disciplined and eating 500+ calories less than what you burn off 6 days a week, you’ll lose 1 pound per week.
REGARDLESS of what exercise program you do. Your exercise program serves to increase your Calories OUT.
Therefore, weight loss is not an indication of a good workout either.
It’s your definition, inches, sizes, strength, energy, and butt that defines your workout.
Look, I must write this.
Because I want to save your day, literally.
I want to save you TIME

zumba pics photo: Zum1 Zumba1.jpg
Let me explain why I don’t like Zumba..(its nothing personal)
The #1 thing that separates the successful from everyone else is.. how.. they .. manage.. their.. time.
Everyone has the same 24 hours in the day.

What puts you ahead or holds you back, is how you spend your time. Time management is huge.
Now if you look at the Zumba workout versus a Real workout..
Zumba being aerobics & dancing, versus resistance training explosive movements, resisted/uphill running, plyometrics, anaerobics, and INTENSE cardio.

Zumba is like Spanks. It feels good at first, but in the end you haven't changed.
Resistance makes you stronger. You can’t expect to see results from Zumba, there is no resistance involved. It’s aerobics.
And “trying to lose fat with aerobics is like emptying the ocean one shot glass at a time”
Your body grows when you are uncomfortable, Your body grows when you put it through resistance, and Zumba does not provide ample resistance.
Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate Zumba for their place on the fitness ladder. Some of my good friends are Zumba instructors. Zumba is an awesome way of ‘getting started’ for girls that:
- have not worked out in 12+ years
- have one leg
In all seriousness, “something” is always better than “nothing”. And true success is not for everyone.
And one of the worst phenomena in the world is when fit people make fun of the unfit for ‘trying’.
It just hurts me to see these unfit people ‘trying’ and truly believing they are going to see real results.
It just won’t happen with aerobics. Richard Simmons never had a 6-pack.
So as a group, let’s start actually using weights ( which can include and not limited to body weight workouts) Like we do at Lena Body Fit Camp.

Not meatheads, but renegades that keep their eyes on the prize and live, eat, and breathe fat loss.
You can do it – I believe in you, and if there is anything you need just let me know.

Im always here for ya!
Chelsea C.