Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Success Story!!

Hope all is well.
This is just one of the many success stories at Lean Body Fit Camp!!!

Come join the Fitness Revolution and you could be next!!

Thanks Rob! YOU Rock!!!

Finish Strong!!

Chelsea Cooper

Thursday, March 17, 2011

You get for what you pay for...

Hey hope all is well!

Im writing this as Im getting ready to head out to Fitness Business Summit '11 in Costa Mesa,CA! Im soo amped its  3 days of Fitness, fitness and more fitness. I cant wait everyone is always awesome and I get to come back and impart all my knowledge to you. See how Im looking out for you..anyway I wanted to write this quick blog about a valuable lesson  I learned this week, and I would like to hear what you think.      

Okay anyone that knows me knows well I'm... fruggle-not cheap but" fruggle". I dont mind spending money, Im just not a fan of throwing it away. Anyhow I say that to say this...most of my friends and family know I  practically live at staples( and I love a staples gift card  as gifts more than just about anything...hint hint LOL) I go there for alot of my business needs, journals, supplies, boards pens, notebooks you name it its there.

Me and the Richani shes going to kill me:)

So I am there at least 3-4x a week picking up something..maybe I should get stock in Staples..hmm. Im there so much that I know all the workers and managers names and they know mine. We joke and have a good time..its always buzzing and the atmosphere is pleasant. Ive been hounding them to get to my fit camp, all in due time...(actually one of the managers stopped me the other day and wanted some info... that reminds me I need to email her).. anywho I digress from my point.

Onward...there  is also an Office Depot about the same distance from my house and there prices tend to be a little cheaper than Staples. So the frugglness in me ( I know thats not a word) sometimes goes to Office Depot.

The other day I go there even though I intended to go to staples but it was out of convenience that I went. I go inside and it dead as a door knob. Which could be to my advantage I can get in and out. so I picked up a few things and headed to the Copy Center ( my favorite place in Staples) sometimes at Staples Ill go behind the counter and help out when they are busy at the copy center, really I do, I probably shouldnt say thatm  but its fun.

So I go over and talk to the guy and he is very helpful and he is hooking up my certificates for me. Well in mid shift they change and this woman who evidently hates her job or life or both is now helping me. She never really said anything rude but made me feel like I was burdening her because I was making her do her job. Any how Ill spare you the  details but she messed up on a few things, was short with me  and just had a funky attitude.

 I couldnt wait to leave that place...and her funkiness was trying to cling to me on the way out. So it took me about 15minutes to shake off whatever mess she had going on. and I began to think I would pay 30x more to get good service and have a good time then to save 5 bucks and be miserable.

So the moral of the story is that if you are fruggle like a few more dollars and get top rate service. LOL!!
But really  1) be aware of your attitude and those around you, they are is short we need to love more be mad less

 2) It had me examing and thinking about my Fit Camp and how I try my best to make sure everyone knows they are  appreciated, taken care of.  and get the results they desire(obviously some work has to be done on there part). You  do   get what you pay for... and  lets just say LB Fit Camp is the Staples of Fitness...LOL!

Thanks to all the staff at staples

Would love to hear what you think. Do you agree or not?
Make it a great one!!

Chelsea C.
Finish Strong!

Friday, March 11, 2011

What foods should I keep in my house...

Hope this finds you doing AWESOME!!

Everyone is always asking me what  should  they eat most of or stay away from. I always preach balance for the most part. But there are some foods you should eat on a very limited basis. Anywho I made a list. My recommendation is to print it out when you get a chance.


Looking and feeling healthy is created by a lifestyle you design for yourself to achieve your well being. It is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices ...

Organic if you can - Our world is becoming more and more tainted with dangerous chemicals. In an attempt to increase production and capture bigger market shares, the use of fertilizers, pesticides, food additives; such as dyes and preservatives has become so prevalent that "artificial ingredients" are now outnumbering "natural ingredients" on many food content labels. It is the opinion of many experts that this ever-increasing use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and chemical additives has a direct correlation to the ominous rise in cancer rates and other health problems.

Organic foods are rapidly becoming recognized as a logical alternative in this chemical-laden world. The focus on environmentally-sound agricultural methods and "sustainable" agriculture is getting the attention of many who are now concerned about what they're eating as well as the environment. Organic food is a reliable and safe alternative to the issues regarding conventionally grown, processed, and packaged foods.

Recommended Portion size at each sitting is in parentheses - ** is unlimited.

• Dry roasted nuts like Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts ect. (2oz – about 24 almonds)

• Skinless, boneless chicken breast (3 to 4 oz for women and 4 to 6 for men, palm size, 1 inch thick)

• Lean meats in whole form, not ground/Fat trimmed. (3 - 4oz for women & 4-6oz for men. Palm size, 1 inch thick)

• Fish that swim like Halibut and Salmon ect. (3 to 4 oz for women and 4 to 6 for men, palm size, one inch thick)

• Tuna canned in water (1 can)

• Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes for breakfast most days. (do not add anything but water and ice) go to my site for more info on this product. One of mine and my clients favs- go to my site for more info on Meal replacements

• Lentils – any type of natural beans or legumes. (1 cup to 2 cups prepared)

• Oatmeal – Old Fashioned Rolled oats with no added sugars or flavors. Oat Bran. (½ cup dry)

Stevia to sweeten. Green tea.


• Fresh or frozen Fruits and Vegetables (not canned) :recommend you have with protein.

• Avocado (1/4 to ½)

• Yams/sweet potatoes (1/2 your fist)

• Broccoli

• Green beans

• Asparagus

• Spinach

• Tomatoes

• Cucumber

• Carrots (1 lrg or 1 cup mini’s)

• Corn (1 cup or 1 ear)

• Edamame – soybeans (1/2 to up to 2 cups)

• Peas (up to 2 cups)

• Lettuce and other leafy greens

• All berrys (up to 2 cups)

• Apples (1)

• Bananas (1)

• Cantelope/honeydew (1 cup)

• Pinnapple (1 cup)

• Oranges 1

• Grapes (1 cup)

• Mango/kiwi and other tropicals (1 cup)

• Olive oil, Expeller pressed vegetable oils, sesame oil. (1tbsp.) All types of vinegars.

• Braggs soy protein – to replace soy sauce. (drops)

• Deli Chicken and Turkey that is not processed, “added” to, or “pressed/ formed together. (3-6oz)

• Brown rice and whole wheat or brown rice pasta (1/2 cup prepared)

• An array of fresh and/or bottled herbs and spices for seasoning (**)

• Fresh Mint, Lemons/limes and 100% cranberry juice for flavoring water. (**)

• Egg starters – egg whites (1 to 4 eggs depending on protein needs)

• Mustard, relish, pickles, low fat mayo (1tablespon)

• Zero calorie butter spray

• Whole grain bread, rice or rye crackers. (1 slice, 5 crackers)

• Advocare Muscle gain Vanilla for adding protein to just about anything (1 to 3 scoops)

• Advocare Mulitvitamin and minerals Coreplex, antioxidant plus, omega plex, probiotic and other personalized supplements for your goals.

• Advocare Spark and Rehydrate (1 to 4 servings)

• Almond milk (1 cup)


Wellness is an on-going lifestyle which requires taking responsibility & making healthy choices.

Palm, palm kernel or sunflower oils

Nothing ever with Hydrogenated oils – Fractioned is fine, that is totally different

Never anything with High fructose corn syrup




Table Sugar

Anything fried

Fruit juices

Cereal( depends on the kind)

Dairy – On occasion dairy is fine but not a staple – part skim mozzarella cheese is best.

Bottom feeder seafood like lobster and shrimp – this is my weakness!!

Nothing with bleached, unbleached or enriched flours….always whole grain. No Chip, donuts, pastries, crackers.


Alcohol- get when you are having a social gathering not for regular use.

White sauces
Wellness is an on-going lifestyle which requires taking responsibility & making healthy choices
OKay that should get you started. Make a check list if you are eating more things off the limited section then the recommended section you have some work to do. But you can  and MUST  make the change if you want to be healthy live long and look GREat! Just pick one thing to work on a week and pretty soon your habits will be changing and so will you waist line.
Questions or concerns are welcomed!
Finish Strong!!
Chelsea C.