Friday, July 30, 2010

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Hope this finds you doing well. IF you dont know my birthday is next Tuesday August 3rd and I will be 33. I like that number!! Ill be doing something fun on my birthday for sure(not sure what yet). I love celebrating my very own Personal Holdiay and another blessed year!! And so to celebrate I decided to give YOU a gift....

My Secret Nutrition weapon!Kirby's gotta a gun Pictures, Images and Photos

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If you read any of my blog post or read my newsletter with any consistency you know I believe that 80 percent of getting to your fitness goals is through proper nutrition. And 80% is mental as well.(I know that that doesnt add up to 100% but I never did care for math much, but I do know that, that is a big part of it.)The other 20% is working out.Random Math equations on the streets of Bangkok Pictures, Images and Photos

Basically I see it like this: Proper nutrition, and eating the proper foods in the proper amounts will help you lose weight quicker than if you just worked out really hard and kept eating crap. Try it, I gaurantee that will be the outcome. You will probably even gain weight.

On the other hand if you just changed one poor eating habit and didnt do any exercise you would see weight loss. It would be slower than if you worked out and ate better. But nonetheless you would see results.

What I do at my camp is tighten, tone and shape up your body after I have helped you lose the weight . Thats why I incorporate all of Dr. Chris Mohr's (my good friend and nutritonist) nutrition plans and programs wit all of my clients. Ive been using this for the past 2 years to help hundreds of women lose weight and Im going to give it to you for FREE!!

This is My gift to you. Now dont under estimate the value because it is FREE! I paid a pretty penny for this information. It also wont help you if you dont do anything with it. Or if you dont read it. But for those that do open it, read it and apply it! It will change your life and I can safely say it will probably add years to it as well.

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  • breaks down food selection(carbs,fats,and protein)

  • shows you how to calculate your calorie needs according to your weight-to lose weight

  • charts and graphs of what foods to eat most and least

  • Menu plans that are easy and simple(Men& Women)

  • Along with a host of other great information

Id like to hear what you think about it after you read and apply it.

click here for the download :

I know most of you want to eat healthy and may just need some help on the type of foods to eat. So here you have it, no more excuses.... USE IT ,LOSE IT, FEEL GREATand let me know your results. Hey part of that rhymed:-) RAPPER Pictures, Images and Photos

Enjoy! Happy Birthday to Me!! And if you want to know how I run my Fit Camps and what seperates the BEST from the rest call toll free 24/7 1888-279-4584. Its me talking:) leave a message and let me know what you think.

Keep your eye out on your email for my 14 day Fat Flush Training Program its Crazy the results we are getting on this program. C ya soon!!

Dedicated To Your Fitness Success!!!


Chelsea Cooper, CPT

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I understand your pain.....

hey okay this is a short post..but wanted to share with you anyway.
I know some of you think just because Im a fitness professional I love to workout which makes me part of the 1% of the population that actually enjoys working out. (which is probably true)
But I can relate to some of you contrary to popular belief .

Just the other day I knew it was one of my workout days...but i put it off until later that day. I advise that you get your workouts in as early as possible. so there I was it was 230 im  sleeping on the couch trying to stay cool from the summer heat with my fan full blast a cup of cold water and I was feeling great.

Then that nagging thing came to me..."Chelsea you didnt work out yet and you wont be able to later because you are teaching a class"... get up!I tried to erase the thought and go back to sleep but it persisted.... then I began to think of every reason why I could NOT go workout.
  • It was HOT
  • I had a slight headache
  • I had to drive 8 minutes to the place where I work out
  • I didnt have time
  • I didnt feel like it
  • I didnt have any clean socks
  • I was hungry( not really but any excuse would do)
  • Did I have gas in my car?
All these excuses came up in a matter of seconds. And at that moment I understood what happens when most people think about going to my classes or just getting up to do some exercise. But I also realized that i needed to move my body and it would reward me later when I was wearing that nice outfit, or when my energy level is up , or when I get compliments on my arms(im just being real)oh and staying healthy is a plus.

So I dragged myself into the room threw on some clothes and had a pretty decent workout and im glad I did.!

Moral of  the story: I need a workout partner because this self motivation  and accountability is for the birds!LOL!! And you probably do too... so if you are in the area come join me at my Fit Camp at my many locations and times in the long beach area...but before you do that

Check out my FREE Consumer Information Warning:

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then go to  if its not up and running it should be in a few days.
Sorry for the delay you know how technology is but you can alway email me at if you have any questions.

Stay Fit & Strong!!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What are you doing to make a Difference

I just came back from Fort Worth, Texas I was at  Advocare Success school!!        Yes those are all Hats!
For those of you that arent familiar with will soon. But its a Health and  Wellness  company that myself as well as my clients use on a regular basis. Besides the products being phenomenal the business is even that much better. Im just glad that I was introduced to the Company and now all my clients are benefiting as well as my friends and family. Some are even using the business opportunity as a second income.Im telling you this because I like to share whats going on in my life. Some of you may cringe at the thought of some "nutrition" company but I always say dont knock it till you try it. And honestly I am a skeptical person by nature. Hey can you blame me I live in Los Angeles!! LOL!

But after using the product for several months ( I used mainly the performance products because I was on a basketball team at the time) and seeing good results and not growing a third eye or tail. I  finally  told my clients about it once. They fell in love with the products because they got Great results and felt 100 times better. No there are no diet pills or magic potion.  If you workout, eat right , and take the supplements correctly you will see and feel a difference. For sure.

Anyway ok im off my Advocare Soap box..I just get so excited, Because I know I am truly making a difference in people lives and circumstances through my programs and now adding Advocare to my program..Im going to take over the WORLD.. with great Health (Of course I will use my super powers in positive ways..Promise)  Okay I just wanted to share some insights into what I learned while interacting with people at the Conference. Hope you can use them.

  • Sleep is Crucial when learning new things(I got about 6 hours a sleep total in 3 days...not good)Sleeping Cutie Pictures, Images and Photos
  • Investing in yourself and growing as a person is the foundation in succeeding in anything in life
  • There are people to be helped and money to be made while doing it ( the best of both me at least)
  • Drew Brees looks Good in Pink! ( Drew Brees is the National spokesman for Advocare- he spoke a bit showed of his Championship Bling and had a pink tie on  to  introduce the New Flavor of Spark Pink Lemonade! You gotta try it if you havent)
  • 4,500 people on Spark in one Area is Outrageous!!                                           
  • In tight spaces people show there true selves
  • Spending time catching up with an Old friend is priceless( A shout out to K-Wade she lives in Dallas and she came down to Fort Worth to hang out with me we went to a Jazz Lounge...Miss ya!)

  • the Gold medal is Heavy and really really really Nice! Now I know what all the fuss is about. Thanks Steve (Gold medal winner for US bobsled team) for acting like you knew me LOL!

  • To do great things you must step out of your Comfort Zone!

  • Sometimes you may be the only one that sees great things coming...thats okay because when it happens everyone is going to want to jump on board...
  • There is No place like place.
  • Stress...don't like can keep it!Stress Pictures, Images and Photos
  • Commitment is necessary for TRUE Success!!
  • Advocare is going places...are you? I can get on board and ride the wave !!
Well thats just my 2 cent hope it helped someone. Would love to hear how you are making a difference or would like to make a difference  in your city, community or the world.  Your comments are always appreciated!

Remember the Power of One!!

Check out my FREE Consumer Information Warning:
Learn the 6 misconceptions about bootcamps &
7 questions you MUST  ask before starting a Bootcamp Program.
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Stay Strong & Fit

Chelsea C.