Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Cleaning...for our bodies!!

Okay its Spring Time!

And I've been getting a lot of questions lately about getting back into the swing of things in time for Summer which is less than 3 months away. And if you have been apart of Lean Body Fit Camp or a reader of mine you know there is no 'magic bullet" or secret that I'm holding back from you when it comes to fat loss.

But what I must confess  I do have an arsenal of tools that help my clients get results safely and effectively.

Our bodies take alot of abuse and wear and tear from the environment, what we eat, and our lifestyle habits that aren't always the best for our bodies.And because of that I am a big believer in doing cleanse every 3-4 months.

Now as soon as I say the word cleanse or detox you may be  thinking of some drastic undertaking that will have you strapped to the bathroom for hours at a time, drinking cayenne pepper and lemonade and having painful stomach cramps. If you are thinking that you obviously have not had the opportunity of trying the Advocare 10 Day cleanse.

My family, and clients have been using Advocare products for the past  5 years and I am still just as happy with the 10 Day cleanse a programs as I have been since day one. If you are unfamiliar with Advocare and the 10 day cleanse  here are the simplified versions.

 I like this cleanse the best  because you actually eat real food and you learn how to navigate through the week, eating foods that you should normally eat anyway.

I give all my clients that do the 10 day Cleanse a meal plan and they just plug it in and follow. You can eat lean meats, fruits and vegetables,oatmeal,  and salads. Yes you need to avoid sugars, breads, white rice and alcohol but  it's well worth it and only for 10 days. 

With the results you will see and how you will feel you may even start following the guidelines after the cleanse. Because in reality if you just go back to what you were doing before its kind of pointless and a waste of you time, money and energy.

But don't take my word for it check out  what Yen has to say:

 The great thing is that Yen has lost about 10 more pounds since the cleanse. Which is even more important and a testament to how the cleanse teaches you how to eat well and the result will be fat loss.

Okay you are probably wondering what does the cleanse actually include where here is the low down:  
10 day Cleanse includes: Herbal Cleanse, Meal Replacement Shake, Spark, Catalyst

(Here is what each one does)

 Herbal Cleanse: “Lube, oil, and filter for the body.” (the cleanse also comes with a probiotic & herbal supplement in the kit)
  • Cleanses cells and digestive track to better prep the body for fat-loss, restores regularity: “If it’s not comin’ out, it’s not comin’ off”.
  • Ideal to start w/ 10 day cleanse program.
  • The nutrition program I've  developed for the cleanse (no wheat, dairy, coffee, soda, alcohol) will dramatically improve results.
Meal Replacement Shakes: Feed the muscle and starve the fat(Mom's favorite)
  •  The “perfect” breakfast - incredible taste and texture.
  • A nutritious, balanced, low calorie/high protein meal replacement.
  • High nutrient profile: 220 calories, 24g “predigested “ protein, 6g dietary fiber, 50% RDA calcium, digestive enzymes and more.
  • Use as breakfast 20-30 minutes after consuming  mix with water and/or ice.
 Catalyst: Tone the muscle.(Client favorite)
  •  “Lipo in a Bottle,” “Gut-Be-Gone,” “Butt-Be-Gone”.
  • Pulls loose water out of fat cells and into lean muscle tissue to give an instant “toning” effect.
  • Preserves muscle during times of calorie restriction and fat burning.Keeps muscle toned and fed.
  • Take three first thing in the morning and, if desired, mid-afternoon or before exercise with Spark(optional).
  Spark: “Brain Food” ; replaces Diet Coke, Starbucks, Red Bull, etc. 
  •   Promotes improved brain function – contains “neuro-nutrients” such as choline that help the brain connect thoughts.
  • Take first thing in the morning (replaces coffee) and/or mid afternoon (replace soda or other energy beverages).
  • Hot Mandarin Spark (can add tea) is good for replacing coffee in the morning.
  • Sugar free… non-carbonated… no jitters… no crash… just 5 hours of mental focus.

The cleanse is gentle and mild you can go to work and do daily activities.I have a meal plan that I will send to you if you decide you want to do the 10 Day cleanse.
You can expect to lose 5-10 lbs  at the least if you follow the directions.

The great thing about it is  that its affordable at  $125 that is sure to help you on your fat loss journey and help you incorporate a healthier diet as well, its well worth it. Trust me.

Order yours today and I'll send you the meal plan ;-)

Dont wait....

Go to www.Lbfitcamp.com
click on Fitness Resource
click Diet and Nutrition
click on view my advocare distribution bundle.
 Choose from the Cleanse Pack 2

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to leave a comment or call me at 562-270 LBFC.

Looking forward to hearing from you about your results just in time for Summer Time!!

Chelsea C. "Fat Loss Expert"

Sunday, April 7, 2013

LBFC Hiking Day (Photos)

 Hope this post finds you healthy and happy!!

The other week we had our first LBFC Excursion.

We all put on our hiking shoes and shirts yes shirts.. LOL and jumped into our cars and headed to the Hollywood hills!!

Ill be honest I'm not a hiker. I hiked one time prior to this outing  and needless to say I wasn't impressed. But I decided I would try it again. And I'm glad I did we had a blast!!

It was about 20 of us and we did everything from jogging up some mountains to stopping in a section of the mountain that had a garden and some of us went the extra mile and went to the top of this cliff for a beautiful view of the city.

At the end we had a dance off and did some exercises as well. Then we had lunch! All in all everyone had a good time. We will be doing a similar hike soon.As well as a bike Ride in May. So Ill keep you posted if you want to join.

Fitness can be fun!! Check out our pics. Leave a comment too!
Before the Hike...

Taking a short rest...they are still smiling

Yen and Rob made it to the very top....

I see you Rhonda and PT those are LBFC Hops!
Can't forget about Jessica and Tanya they started it all!!

oh tha'ts me chillin' with nature
Mina and her girls...and me!

Taking a break to enjoy the scenery

This is my favorite picture..on top of the mountain!
The trek continues.....

We made it to the top!!

even the first timers did great...even though it got a little shaky toward the end.

Wrapping up a great morning  LBFC Hike

yep we saw this on the hike...Just kidding I just think this is the cutest picture and I like what it says!!:-)

Well that's it. We will be having a LBFC Biking Day in May if you are in the Long Beach,CA area we would love for you to come and join us!!

just leave a comment or email me at LBFITcamp@yahoo.com

Until the next time,

Chelsea C.