Sunday, February 28, 2010

Top 10 things NOT to do when working out.....

Hope all is well!!!
Okay Im writing an article for To Your Health Magazine about the Right and Wrong Way to exercise. So I thought Id let my  readers in on it before I send it off.
So here it is...if you do these things please dont be offended. Just take it as constructive critisim and that I care about your saftey. Whether you work out in the gym or at home this can help you

1.Do not  make jerking motions when doing any exercise unless you are doing a 'clean' and if you are wondering what it is,  my point is proven. We do not jerk while we walk at least most of us and you shouldnt. so why do it when you are working out?

2.Do not lock out knees or elbows. So many people do this when they are workoing out and then wonder why they have knee and elbow pain. NEVER lock out, your joints need to be slightly relaxed so that all the weight isn't on them, but evenly distributed.

3. Push ups. Both men and women are guilty of this.There is not suppose to be an arch(or dip) in your back when doing push ups. If you are feeling any lower back pain when doing push up stop. The back should be straight and pararell to the floor. whether you are diong them on your knees or not

do not let your back arch or dip it should be flat and do not lock out your elbows... if you are injury is around the corner
4. Lat Pulldown- for those of you that go to the gym its the machine where you sit down and pull down its a horizontal bar (thats the best way I can describe it)... do not I repeat do not put the bar behind your neck it isnt doing anything but putting stress on your shoulder blades and spine. I have seen many people tear up there shoulders. Please pull it in front of you. Thank you

5.Walking lunges- TIP: If you cant do a standing lunge properly please dont start doing walking lunges. Most people are doing lunges totally wrong. When you are in a split stance you go straight down do NOT let your front knee go forward past your foot. I know numerous people who have injured themselves because of this.
6. Squats. same rules apply for the lunges. do not let your knees go past your feet.So dont lean forward sit back like you are sitting in a chair. Make sure that about 80% of the weight is in you heels.

7. Abs(crunches)-they should start calling crunches something totally different like 'head crunch'. Because thats what people do. Pull there heads instead of relaxing there heads and actually getting there shoulders off the ground. pulling of head as your doing a crunch is WRONG!!!!! My book Fitness Made Simple shows me doing crunches correctly and with instruction along with alot of other great information. Go here for more information : 

8. Leg press - Please please dont let your knees go near your ears when you are on the leg press machine. That is not  the position that your knees should be in. YOur legs should make about a 90 degree angle.

9.Chest press- remember that arch I was telling you about? Well this is the exercise where this is mostly used. Barbell Chest press- this is where alot of guys get on the bench, put on a stack of weights that are too heavy and then attempt to lift the weight. Although they usually lift it they do it with everything but there chest. There lower back and butt are so high off the bench a small army can go under it. At some point something is going to pop and its not going to be good.

10. Hour of cardio (negative)- YOu do not i repeat do not and should not do an hour of cardio unless you are training for a marathon or something of that nature. 30 minute interval training is plenty!! which means 30 second sprint 45 second recovery for about 20-30 minutes

LOL!! Look at Arnold or should I say the Governator!! I love this country!! How a body builder/ half actor can become a Governor:)Only in America!

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Hope this helped you in some way shape or form.

Dedicated to Your Fitness Success,
Chelsea C.