Monday, April 18, 2011

A Sneek Peak into LBFIT Camp(Video inside)

Hey !! Hope all is well!! It's officially spring( for a while now)
I know it's been a while since my last blog and I just wanted to catch you
up with the happening in my world.

So much and so little time I'll give you the Highlightz. At the end of March I spent a weekend in Costa Mesa,CA and went to my favortie seminar: Fitness business summit 2011 (Woot woot) I've gone for the past 3 years and everytime I go I leave with so much information to help my campers and myself.

I met Garret Gunderson he is a genius and I got a FREE signed book by him. It's call "Killing sacred Cows". You have to get a copy it's a finance book but with a spin it will change how you think. He also looks a little like Pau Gasol from the Lakers!(What do you think?)

Me and Garret Gunderson

Frank kern was there he is crazy if you dont know who he is just google him the man has waaay too much money LOL!.

And I met lots of  like minded Fitness Professionals from all over the country and even from different countries

It's great to be around positive people that are passionate about helping others.

Several Take Aways that I got that  you can apply to any area of your life:
1.Step out of my comfort zone
2. The time to act is always NOW!
3 A positive Mental attitude is the key to success .
4. Doing something, whether it is perfect or not is better than doing nothing  perfectly. (think about that one)
5. I am blessed to have the ability and talent to help others create a better life for themselves.

Some of the kiddos & Me
  The following week I spoke at the Young African American Womens  Confernece. I had a whole hour to talk to young girls between the ages of 10-17about health and fitness. I covered the reasons why they should eat healthy and exercise.  We also had a dance off  too and of course time for questions. I beleive they learned alot and hopefully will use what I gave them.

The Girls were Awesome thanks C. Bailey for allowing me to come by and share what I know. In case you are wondering who C.B is that is my college basketball teammate (Good times!) LOL! I remember one band camp...jk I made us both late for a big tournament game... eek my bad I think she still has a slight grudge  LOL! Anyhow  she is the one who helped put the conference was Awesome! Long Beach State Representin'!!

C.Bailey geting the kids in order

 Almost forgot  We opened up two new classes in April at Lean Body Fit Camp. Another
6am class and a 815p.Shout out to Larmar A. And C. Carter for helping me run things and making it an easy transition. I am not just saying this but All  my fit campers  are awesome!! I am blessed to be used to help so many people. We have a blast everyday.!!

Find your soul purpose and you will never work a day in the life!(learned that from Killing Sacred Cows gotta get that book!)

Here is a video a sneek peek into the world of LB fit camp.Enjoy! Im going to be doing more videos so let me know what you want tosee in the comment section or how you liked this one!!

Whew okay   now that you are all caught up on the latest...keep your eyes open for  my next post! Comments welcomed about anything.. you can say Hi ...Bye  make a smiley face something to let me know you are out there and reading my stuff and hopefully getting something out of it!!

Until next time!
Its easy to Start Something... but only successful people

Chelsea C., CPT for more info on class times and schedule

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