Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hppe your week is going well.. I have a question for you:

When did 'work' become a dirty word?
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When I was young I remember my dad talking about
being able to 'work circles' around a couple of young
guys at the phone company where he worked.

People took pride in both the quality of their work
and their work capacity.

Now it seems like I get more questions about 'how can I do as little as possible to lose weight, feel great and look good in my jeans, and not change anything that I’m doing' ?
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Well - here's my stock answer for that:

It doesn’t exist.

Because, as opposed to what the other ' fitness gurus' will tell you – there is NO magic pill. And those that claim they have it are hoping that you are desperate enough to try it regardless of the negative consequences in the months or years to come.

Otherwise you need to do the work.

I don't know anyone who is truly successful at weight loss, losing inches , and being healthy, who hasn't done the work. Truth is, even after they hit their goal weight or get in their old jeans, they keep doing the work because that's who they are.

But I will tell you a little secret:

*If* you're willing to do the work, you will get the results you desire.

So do the work.

Now I recognize that using the word 'work' this much in an email will turn a few people off.

For you, I will make a couple suggestions:

1. Go find someone who has successfully lost weight and kept it off. And ask them what they did and are currently doing to keep the weight off. Then decide if work is mandatory for success.

2. Go follow one of the fitness 'gurus' that will tell you that youdon't need to work or change any behaviors. Try that for a while. Before you go broke, gain weight or do permanent damage to your body, maybe if you're lucky before that happens you will find out that work is involved.

So again - do the work... and reap the rewards. It will be well worth it.

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Love this quote so I thought Id share :

"Average is the enemy of Greatness" -anonymous

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Dedicated to your health and fitness,

Chelsea Cooper,CPT-NASM
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