Wednesday, October 13, 2010

5 Easy simple Ways to Combat Weight Gain Now & a Free Gift

Hope this finds you doing well! okay lets get to it. Here are the 5 things you can start doing today to lose weight and my gift to you.

1. Write it down. Whatever you eat or drink write it down. Get a journal small notepad and write it down. Sounds simple enough..but unless you actually do it, it wont get down. You raise your chances of successful weight loss by 40% by doing this simple task.

2.Cook at home more. Yes I know some of your mouths just dropped. Not only does fast food put on the pounds quicker than you probably realize, but even going to restaurants can be detrimental. I have a client that is a chef and she recently shared with me how much lard,butter and  salt that most of the restaurants put in there food. not to mention the extra calories from soda and alcohol. If you dont know how to cook, thats no excuse..learn. I say that because Im not a big fan of cooking, but with george foreman grills, rice cookers, toaster ovens and the like, you can make a pretty good tasting meal.  And I am assuming you are a subscriber to my newsletter, I always have easy tasty receipes if not go to to subscribe. Pictures, Images and Photos

3.Eat Breakfast. Im not sure why this is such a hard concept for people to grasp. YOU have to eat something in the morning so that you can function properly,mentally and physically. I dont care if you arent hungary.. eat. If its going to help you lose weight then why wouldnt you do it? Now you cant just eat a hungary  man meal filled with carbohydrates. ie sugary cereal, toast, baegals,  and muffins. Thats where most of us go wrong all those carbs are going to make you sluggish, tired, and bloated. You want a 1:1ratio of protein to carbohydrates:
  •  vegetable omelet( 2 eggs or yolks whatever veggies you like),
  •  low fat  vanilla yogurt, mixed with sliced bananas  and granola
  • ,Advocare Meal Replacement (has the perfect 1:1 carb to protien ratio)
  • Oatmeal w/chopped apples and raisins stirred in
  • Almond or soy milk blended with bananas frozen strawberries and blueberries....mmm
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4. Do something every day to get closer to your fitness goal.  If its simply drinking more water, which definitely helps with losing weight, if its smaller portions, saying no to dessert one night a week. Making a plan to do some type of physical activity for 30 minutes 2-3  a week. Packing a healthy lunch. Planning meals for the week. Eating one extra fruit and vegetables. Doesnt matter how small just do something daily.And just pick one thing and work on that for a week or two. Too many times we load ourselves up with to many goals at once and then we get pick one.

5.Get help. Im not just saying this because im a fitness coach/consultant Im saying this because this is the ONLY way you are going to get lasting results. I was discussing with a few clients the other day about training and how they like the fact that I am always coaching them through there problems and making sure they are doing the exercises properly.

One of them said she had been doing  squats wrong for years and that is what brought about her knee issues. So not only are you going to protect yourself from injury, your learning curve is going to be shorter and you will see results faster because I know what works and what doesnt. Also with the Holidays coming up we can all use a helping hand. So get a coach to help you through the obstacles and road blocks you will encounter. frustrated Pictures, Images and Photos

And because I want to help each and everyone of you I am giving you an Audio I did with my friend and Nutritionist Daureen Abadrabou. This was an exclusive interview previously only for those that bought my ebook ..and now its yours FREE. It wont be up long so upload it download and just  listen to it soon! We talked about 1 key thing most people are overlooking that will make you a smarter wiser shopper at the grocery store. I learned alot from the interview as well.

Here is the link:

Also go to for more information on my philosophy. LBFitcamp is the spotlight on business for the month.
Would love to hear you comments on which tip you will use TODAY!
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Stay Fit and Fab!!
Chelsea C.