Friday, September 4, 2009

How to fit working out into your schedule...and get quick Results

Okay I know you are here to find out  How to get to your fitness goals quickly. This is the most frequently asked question:"Whats the quickest way I can lose my stomach, thighs, butt or whatever problem area that person might have. My first response to them is  change your eating habits... then they give me a face like this:

So in an effort to avoid you giving me that face. I wont talk about eating habits this time...But it surely will be a topic of discussion later on!!

Before I tell you  how to lose weight quickly  Let me tell you about what  happened the other day.I was getting ready for one of my group training class in Long Beach when one of my clients called well she actually text me..YOU are Going to Hate Me... I cant make it to class today!!

Mind you I spoke with her earlier and she said she would be there. (Anyone that knows me knows that I dont freak out if my clients dont show. Those that show up get a great workout ...and get great Results...those that don't...dont.)

I said it was fine and I'm sure she had a good reason . She then proceeds to tell me that she cant come to my class because her friend is having a baby....Tomorrow!

So her and her friends are at the hospital being her support team...Now if thats not an excuse and a very bad one I dont know what is...I would much rather her tell me she was tired, didnt feel like working out ,or  just didn't want to come, then to tell me that.  It was funny because it was the lamest excuse Id ever heard!!
Okay I just wanted to share that with in case you have a meeting, an appointment with a trainer or anything else  you can NEVER use that excuse!

Okay now to the REEL DEEL!!
Do you ever feel that you just don't have the time to workout? Between family, kids, work, eating and sleeping you barely have time to breath. Sometimes getting in an hour of exercise (which is what the American Heart Association recommends ) everyday is just plain impossible.

Do you have 15-20 minutes. Seriously, what can 15-20 minutes do for you? Well, I am here to tell you that if done properly, short intense bursts of training can help you lose fat, gain muscle and help you feel more energized.

Its called HIIT or high intensity interval training is a type of training that uses all out training techniques to help you get a quick workout in with all the benefits of an hour long training session. So what is the catch?

You have to make the workout super intense.
 Meaning you need to feel out of breath, rest and then get out of breath again. To be more specific you need to train at 90% of your target heart rate zone for 30 seconds to 1 minute, bring your heart back to 70% and then crank it up again. 15-20 minutes of this type of training and I promise you, you will be done!

The secret of HIIT is that you burn up to 9x more kcal after you are finished working out due to the EPOC effect. EPOC stands for Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption. Your body continues to use an increased level of oxygen which increases  your metabolism. The result is more calories burned, more fat burned, more time to do the things you actually like doing and you are much more energized.

okay thats what I like to do in my free time...You pick yours

Here is an example of a beginner HIIT workout:

Warm up 3 min on treadmill or walking outside

30 seconds of speed squats/rest 30 seconds
30 seconds of push ups/rest 30 seconds
30 seconds of alternate lunging/rest 30 seconds
30 seconds of pullups/rest 30 seconds
20 seconds sprint/40 seconds rest

REPEAT 3x for a 15 minute workout, 4x for a 20 minute workout.(Modify if you can't do one of the exercises)

*For a more advanced workout, add weights to the squats and lunges and decrease the rest time to 15 seconds.

Remember your heart rate needs to be elevated to 90% of your MAX for you to get the EPOC effect, meaning you need to feel out of breath!

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Try that workout and let me know what you think!! Your comments are always welcomed and Appreciated.
Committed to you Fitness!

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