Thursday, September 3, 2009

Are you Average?

I figured my first post would be Motivational because we will be dealing with some tough & Real Issues..So Enjoy its by a great Motivational Speaker!

"Do you follow through on your assignments, goals and tasks? Do you do just enough to get by or do you strive to go beyond average? Are your efforts mediocre or shining?

The word "mediocre" is rooted in the Indo- European language. It comes from two words "half way" and "mountain."

When you give an average effort to complete a task, a fitness program, an assignment or any goal --- you are only going half way up the mountain. Do your best whether someone is watching you are not.

Grow beyond the distractions, temptations, fear, procrastination, heartaches, criticism, weariness, indifference, depression, struggle and the "I can't" attitude!" Put on your faith walking shoes. Press on and go all the way! Be self-motivated. Put some pizzazz in what you do! Rest if you must --- but don't turn around. Keep growing! Don't be a mediocre climber in life. You are more than that! You have what it takes to be a winner --- not just average. Be above average in the way you dress, work, give, serve others, speak, study, paint, create, dance, sing, love and live your life. If your goal this year is to; become debt-free, buy a home/car, travel, start your business, become clean and sober, control your temper, be more healthy, lose weight or graduate --- don't give up --- go all the way. Pray as you climb. Press and persist as you climb. Let go of what's unnecessary as you climb. Focus on your goal as you climb. Give thanks as you climb. You have already come a long way. ~ By Jewel Diamond Taylor

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