Thursday, March 22, 2012

Big Box Gyms = Joke

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A friend of mine and great fitness business owner wrote this the other day to other fitness business owners, but I wanted to share it with people that want to stay healthy and get fit. And folks  who  are looking for ways to do it safely and for the long term. Its more informative than anything. I tweaked it a bit to talk directly to you and not a business owner. He is okay with it. Thanks Pat.

"Join the Fitness Revolution!"

That sentence was part of a radio
marketing campaign a big box health
club chain was running to get members.


Aside from taking the slogan I have been saying for the past few years,
the thought of
a big box health club being revolutionary
in any way is a joke.

Big box clubs basically sold millions of
memberships doing the following:

:: Renting people access to equipment

:: Having zero relationship with their
members... unless the member went
delinquent, then they called them

:: Being 100% unconcerned with their
members' results

:: Over promising and underdelivering

Basically doing a terrible job serving
the market, leaving members with a
terrible taste in their mouths about the
experience and essentially helping
out society get fatter.

How did / do they help our society get fatter?

People have trusted these big box clubs to
help them...

...and the clubs failed. Miserably.

And they failed not because they couldn't help.

They failed because they didn't care about the

They cared right up until the person signed
the contract, then the relationship ended
and the money extraction began.

And they're calling this a "Revolution?"


What is revolutionary is what great training
based businesses are doing now:

:: Actually coaching people to results

:: Actually caring about the people they serve

:: Actually building businesses around
helping people achieve success instead
of building businesses around shiny

:: Overdelivering on every promise

That's revolutionary because it's what the
bulk of the fitness industry (big box clubs)
have been unwilling to do - yet it's exactly
what the market has wanted and needed
all along.

So whether you're part of Lean Body Fit Camp or not - you should be somewhere  that cares about you, cares about your results, and just enhances your life more in general.

Being part of the true fitness industry
revolution - and finally doing what the
big box clubs never could is an awesome Feeling!
Here is what one of our Fit Campers said:

So true in what you're saying about working (power) of a group. I think that is why I did not hesitate to continue for another year with LB FitCamp. I love the group setting, it motivates me to do better even though sometimes I have days that are less productive than others. At the end of day, God did not create us to be isolated. Everything within us desire to connect with people, to have relationship. And yeah girl....working out is a relatioship!! LOL
Love you and appreciate all that you do. - Rhonda Love-  client since 2010

PS. If you are in the Huntington Beach Area we are opening up a second location so comment and Ill get back to you. Make it a great one!

Dedicated to your fitness and health success,

Chelsea C.
(Thanks Pat for the Great info..)

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