Thursday, March 29, 2012

8 Rules I live by for success in fitness & Life (Part I)

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I came across these rules from a fitness workshop I went to a few years ago. I remember writing these down and thinking I need to live by these rules, strategies, or what ever you would like to call them. So I'm refreshing and recommitting myself to these simple, but profound rules,
thought I'd share them with ya!

1. Choose your energy. the attitude you have every morning when you wake up is a choice. You can choose to let things, people and circumstances drag you down or you can be up beat and look for the good. You can choose to have negative self talk and get nothing done and be mad at
the world. Or speak life into bad and difficult situations and become stronger. . We say "fired up" when I ask my campers how they are feeling. Sometimes I ask them during a fairly intense workout and I ask them during that time because at that moment they are choosing there energy. They can say nothing and think, I'm tired or they can say "Fired up" at the top of their lungs and raise their energy just like that. It's your choice.

2. Perfect practice makes perfect. Some have said practice makes
perfect, but thats not true. For example when it comes to working out, if you have been doing an exercise wrong for years, just because you have always done it that way doesn't mean its right or effective.  Be open to learn new and better ways at doing things.   Bascically what you practice on a daily basis become your
habits. And if you are practicing bad habits then it will NOT make perfect. But
if you are striving to get better and implement good habits even the
small changes over time will make a difference.

3. Make the most  important thing the most important thing.
There is a quote that says "the things that matter the most should never
take a back seat to what matters the least". Check your priorities. No one ever wishes at the end of their life that they should have worked more overtime. Most wish they would have figured out what was truly valuable to them, and spent time doing that.

4.Attention to detail.
This is the most overlooked aspect in fitness
and life. We think the little things don't matter.  We half do
things, we sweep it under the rug, we only work out 2 x a week instead of
the 4 we committed to. We tell people we are going to do things and
then don't do it. We do everything half way and figure someone 
else will finish it if we don't. That behavior leads to mediocraty and who wants to
live halfway.  I want to live to my fullest potential and I don't
always do it perfectly,  but Im working on the details it leads to victory
and greatness!

My time is short today so Ill be back with Part II soon!
Please feel free to share in the comment section any rules you follow or would like to share.

Finish Strong

Chelsea Cooper

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