Friday, September 17, 2010

Failing forward...

Hope all is well!!
I was asked the other day about my blogs and why they are so focused on success and failure and why don't I give more tips on how to tighten, tone, and just looking good!! fitness Pictures, Images and Photos
I proceeded to explain that I do that in my bi-monthly newsletter its packed with exercises, recipes, and whatever else I can think of  to send my subscribers I have over 500 subscribers and growing.... ( You can email me and ill put you on my newsletter list)

But my blog is my baby, and I feel like 1) we have so much information about everything, working out, who
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I feel its my job to empower you into ACTION!! All the information in the world will not get you in shape, or get you a better job, or help you reach your dreams. Its a combination of the two. thus the title of my blog: Failing Forward

Failing doesnt mean I'm a failure , it just means I have not yet succeeded.
It doesnt mean I've accomplished nothing, it just means I've learned something.
It doesn't mean I've been a fool; it just means I had the courage to take a risk.
It doesn't mean Im inferior, it just means I'm not perfect.
It doesnt mean Ive wasted my time;it just means I have a reason to start over.
It doesn't mean I should give up;it just means I have to try harder.
It doesn't mean I'll never make it. I just need more patience.
It doesnt mean God has abandoned me; it just means He has a better idea!
Bob Gass "Starting Over"

I found that to be very empowering for myself personally.. there are always set backs but its how you look at them is what makes the difference.

In Leadership Magazine, J. Wallace Hamilton says "the increase of suicides, alcoholics, and even some forms of nervous breakdowns, is evidence that many people are training for success without ever being trained to handle failure. Yet failure is far more common than success, poverty is far more prevalent than wealth, and disappointment is far more normal than arrival".

Only when you can look failure in the eye experience it and move beyond it ,will you succeed!
failure Pictures, Images and Photos

This is so true we think it is admirable to be hard on ourselves, but really it just gives us to many reasons why we should stop, just short of success. I see this all the time in my classes one small slip up and someone wants to stop, its a learning experience learn from it and move on.

You must change your perception of failure before you can really achieve anything, most of us grew up in a culture where failure is unacceptable and usually rewarded with embarassment. We have to change out mind set and see failure as getting one step closer to our goals and dreams!!dreams Pictures, Images and Photos

I would love to hear your opinions, thoughts and/or comments.

Stay Fit & Fab!!

Chelsea C.
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