Friday, December 18, 2009

DO I NEED TO BE IN SHAPE? Im no Longer working out!!

Hope this post finds you doing well!

Okay Im not really going to stop working out.But I did think about it, and I'll tell you why in a minute.

I want to know if I was out of shape would you train with me? I would just like to know because if I can get lazy and bloated I would. COME ON LADY!! I'm not lazy! Pictures, Images and Photos Just Kidding actually I love working out and feeling like I have the energy of a 12 year old so I still would workout for my own health benefits.

Any way Im on this topic because the other day when I was at one of the studios that I train at I saw a guy that I assumed was a trainer because he was telling another guy what to do and the proper positions and all. But the thing that threw me off was the guy that he was training was in better shape than the trainer himself. The trainer had a bit of a pop belly and didnt look like he had touched a weight or a piece of cardio equipment for some time. Now Im not saying this be harsh or judgemental but I always thought as a trainer and if you do any type of educating or leadership role that you should lead by example...maybe Im old fashion.
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So the question is would you pay for someone to train you to get into Great Shape if that person wasnt very fit but very knowledgable and had a record of helping countless people workout? Why or why not? Please leave a comment I would like to say im working on some statiscal data for some imperical research so your comments are necessary...but that would be a lieFace Pictures, Images and Photos...I just would like to know your thoughts..

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  1. HECK NAW.... I would look at the trainer and suggest we both go look for a trainer, TOGETHER!!! Only person that doesn't HAVE to lead by example in my dealings is my hair dresser!!! But my trainer, if she is a woman, better have a body that I envy or if he is a male, he better have a body of a man I would want to be my man!!! LOL Part of the reason I stopped going to the CARDIO Boot Camp at the gym that I attend. She looked like she should be IN the class, not teaching the class AND her cardio was HORRIBLE!!!