Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I got muscle with Zumba...said no one EVER

I got muscle with Zumba … said no person ever.
Before the weekend hits, I want to set something straight:
For real results, you need to build muscle..
And to build muscle, you need to damage it during your workout, so that it can ‘re-grow’ afterwards.
Yup, damage.. stay with me. During this ‘re-grow’ after your workout.. it’s the intention to have your muscle grow back stronger and bigger.

That’s one of the main purposes of working out, aside from burning calories during the workout.
DURING your workout you’re tearing it down. When you eat & sleep you rebuild.
But you will only ‘regrow’ and rebuild your muscle if you:
  • Lift  weight (with proper form)
  • Have a complete meal within 60 min after finishing your workout (go sweet potato & Kale, both available at Trader Joes.)
  • Be nice to others. Don’t be like Justin Timberlake, only inviting 2 of the N-Sync members for his wedding with Jessica Biel, that’s just mean.
  • Drink at least half a gallon water (aim for a gallon and fail forward)
  • Get at least 7 hours sleep. No more Jay Leno. Go to bed.
  • Reduce stress to a minimum. And cut out all vampires from your life.
  • Eat clean. No more drive-throughs.
And  Stop saying things like “I want arms like that” or “I want legs like hers”. Be grateful, happy with what you have. I can guarantee you that your absolute WORST day is someone
else’s dream come true .
If you do all this properly, you will gain muscle.

(PIck one or two of the above for the week and gradually add on do not try and do all these at once...but you can be nice while doing these things)

Gaining muscle is GOOD.

When you gain muscle, you increase your metabolism throughout the day, so that your Calories OUT goes up not only during your workout, but also afterwards..
This is why I’m big-time anti-marathons(all my clients know this).Unless you’re on a bouncy treadmill, running long-distance breaks muscle down like no other.

Yeah you’ll burn calories while running, but you’ll lose muscle as well – the OPPOSITE of what you want. Big time risk of getting ‘skinny’ instead of ‘sleak and toned'.

And at LB Fit Camp all my clients know that  skinny is extinct. This year  it’s about c-shapes, strength, and legs that have ‘content’.
So you break down muscle while you workout. That’s why every workout should be 45 min max – you don’t want to damage your muscle for too long
Muscle, muscle, muscle, muscle, muscle.. muscle

To all the  ladies: I want you to read that sentence a couple times – or as many times you need to become comfortable with the term.
Muscle is good, it’s your friend. And this email serves as my retirement from telling you that muscle does not make you bulky..
In other words, this is the last time I’m saying it:
Excess bodyfat makes you look bulky. And excess calories gives you excess bodyfat.
Therefore, CALORIES make you bulky

Calories IN vs Calories OUT
Nutrition 101: If you have meatball marinara’s for lunch, you’re giving yourself too little ‘wiggle room’ for all other 5 meals you should be eating throughout the day..
 and you’re very likely to overeat throughout the day.
‘Overeating’ here means that your Calories IN from waking up to bedtime exceeds your Calories OUT.
One more time:
IN more than OUT: you gain weight
IN equals OUT : you stay the same
IN less than OUT : you lose weight (provided your deficit is reasonable and not all week long, avoiding the starvation response)
See, I’m slightly fired up here – because after I spoke with a potential client about Zumba being ineffective for fat loss, I get this reply :
“Zumba is a great workout because people sweat and one of my friends lost 30 lbs while doing it”
To debunk this nonsense:

1. Sweat is not an indication of a good workout, it is your body’s way of ‘cooling you down’ when you get hot. Some people sweat more than others, and it has little to do with whether your workout is effective.

2. Anyone can lose 30 lbs by reducing their calories IN.. i.e. going on a diet. If you’re disciplined and eating 500+ calories less than what you burn off 6 days a week, you’ll lose 1 pound per week.
REGARDLESS of what exercise program you do. Your exercise program serves to increase your Calories OUT.
Therefore, weight loss is not an indication of a good workout either.
It’s your definition, inches, sizes, strength, energy, and butt that defines your workout.
Look, I must write this.
Because I want to save your day, literally.
I want to save you TIME

zumba pics photo: Zum1 Zumba1.jpg
Let me explain why I don’t like Zumba..(its nothing personal)
The #1 thing that separates the successful from everyone else is.. how.. they .. manage.. their.. time.
Everyone has the same 24 hours in the day.

What puts you ahead or holds you back, is how you spend your time. Time management is huge.
Now if you look at the Zumba workout versus a Real workout..
Zumba being aerobics & dancing, versus resistance training explosive movements, resisted/uphill running, plyometrics, anaerobics, and INTENSE cardio.

Zumba is like Spanks. It feels good at first, but in the end you haven't changed.
Resistance makes you stronger. You can’t expect to see results from Zumba, there is no resistance involved. It’s aerobics.
And “trying to lose fat with aerobics is like emptying the ocean one shot glass at a time”
Your body grows when you are uncomfortable, Your body grows when you put it through resistance, and Zumba does not provide ample resistance.
Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate Zumba for their place on the fitness ladder. Some of my good friends are Zumba instructors. Zumba is an awesome way of ‘getting started’ for girls that:
- have not worked out in 12+ years
- have one leg
In all seriousness, “something” is always better than “nothing”. And true success is not for everyone.
And one of the worst phenomena in the world is when fit people make fun of the unfit for ‘trying’.
It just hurts me to see these unfit people ‘trying’ and truly believing they are going to see real results.
It just won’t happen with aerobics. Richard Simmons never had a 6-pack.
So as a group, let’s start actually using weights ( which can include and not limited to body weight workouts) Like we do at Lena Body Fit Camp.

Not meatheads, but renegades that keep their eyes on the prize and live, eat, and breathe fat loss.
You can do it – I believe in you, and if there is anything you need just let me know.

Im always here for ya!
Chelsea C.

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  1. I Agree with u, im not big fan of zumba either but my friends are. When i Said i doing pole dance instead They look me low and Said zumba better but i dont see zumba anything close to do pole, all my pole girl Said They feel their strength improve much better doing pole They can lift more weight a Lot more when They Come back to gym after a while just doing pole but Never heard that from my zumba Friends. Deffinitely will look for gym for my extra exercise over zumba coz i Want build my muscle