Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The man in the park

Hope your Wednesday is going FABULOUS.  I have been having a hard time concentrating due to the heat and having no AC in my apartment... anyhow enough about me and my problems:)

I wanted to share something that I saw yesterday at the park.

I was at a park yesterday killing time until I had my next traning appointment. Since it was really hot I found a nice shady area. As I was relaxing in my car I saw a man behind my car in one of those motorized wheel chairs. His car was actually next to mine. I didn't think much of it, he kept
complaining to his wife or friend that the chair was making an annoying beeping sound. Anywho his wife or friend left to walk the dogs. He- lets call him "George" was left there by himself . I guess he was trying to get out of the chair when he fell. Mind you I dont see him fall or hear him( I guess I was enjoying a song on the radio--probably practicing my karoke.LOL)!

I just happen to look up in my rear view mirror and there is another man there and"George" is on the ground. I would have got out and helped him but the man seemed to have it under control. And thats when I learned a lesson.

Now as the man was trying to help George up all George kept saying was " Im not hurt, Im not hurt, and I dont need help I can get up on my own"! But clearly he could not, no matter how much he tried. So the guy finally gives George his cane and George takes it but still cant get up and still refuses help. Finally the guy grabs his arm and helps George get up with his cane. Then the guy proceeds to help George fold up his motorized chair and George says :its a certain way it goes and I have to do it! Finally the man leaves and George goes about doing something with that chair.

As I saw this play out I thought about me and you. I saw how pride and stubborness can cause us to stay on the ground in life(ie a rut, bad habits, addictions..) because we do not let the people that really want to help us do so. And then when we finally allow someone to help its just enough to get us off the ground but not enough to keep us off the ground. If George would have let the man help him get up initially and help him put his chair in his car, it would have saved George alot of time and stress, but instead George was stubborn until the end.

Too many of us myself included have been like George, we waste precious time in our lives fighting the very people that want to help us. Le'ts not be like George in life or in our journey of getting healthy and fit.

Allow someone who cares to help you along the way sometime. You will find it a much easier road when you allow someone to pick you up off the ground, dust you off, make sure you are okay and send you in a better direction.
We were not meant to walk alone. 

If you haven't been to check out the rest of the blog scroll down to  see how the  women from Lean Body Fit Camp  allowed us to help them and not waste time.

Just my two cents.

Finish Strong!!

Chelsea Cooper
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Psalm 23

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