Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What are you waiting for?

I was doing some work the other day and I thought a vacation sounded great! Then I started thinking of all the reasons I shouldn't or couldn't take a vacation right now. Then I thought there never will be a perfect time...so what am I waiting for?

So this is the question I ask you today...
What are you waiting for?

Many times in life we are waiting for that perfect moment to get started. To really start living, to really do what we know we should be doing. Whether it's working on a healthier lifestyle through exercise, more sleep, putting the right fuel into your body, starting that new project, ending that old relationship, mending a broken relationship, spending some quiet time reflecting, taking that trip you have wanted to take. Making time for you, spending more quality time with the kids, or family, the list goes on and on of the things we want to do. So why don't we do them?

We all have the tendency to wait... wait until we finish school, we get married, wait until we have more time, or have a kid ,or when we make more money, or get a better job, or a better car. Waiting for more courage, more energy, more information, or simply waiting on others to get themselves together.I think we mostly wait because we fear the unknown, the outcome that we can't predict.

So what are you waiting for? Tomorrow isn't promised. And although it has been said a thousand times before, it hit very close to home a little more than 2 months ago when a very good friend of mind passed away in a car accident, while heading out on a family vacation, leaving behind 4 kids under the age of 11. I often wonder did she wish she had took that extra day off with the kids, played more? laughed more? loved more? She was an Awesome person and lived life to its fullest, and I am glad that I was blessed to have her as a friend and I know she is in a far better place right now.

At the end of the day right now is all we have, this moment. So do the things you know you should be doing, because it will make your life better as well as those around you. Dont wait for others to decide your life for you.You are the only person responsible for your life.responsibility Pictures, Images and Photos

Life is precious so love more, appreciate more, forgive more and treat your body right ...you deserve it. The time is Now!!

100 Senior Citizens in Nursing Homes were polled about what they would do differently if they could do it all over again:

1.Laugh More

2.Spend more time with love ones. 

3. Take More Risk

The time is always now... dont live with regrets. Doing something and failing is much better than never trying.

So if you have been thinking about having a healthier lifestyle and looking and feeling great... and having some fun while doing so, come in for a free week tryout with LB Fit Camp...and start living today with no regrets.

Dedicated to your health and fitness success,

Chelsea Cooper

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