Monday, January 24, 2011

UnHappy People & how to be Happy

As some of you may already know, fitness legend, guru and pioneer Jack LaLanne passed away yesterday at the age of 96 and we lost a great, great man.

Jack was just so golden in everything he did. If this is your first time hearing about him...where have you been?Just kidding... He basically started fitness when no one was doing it and they thought he was crazy.

But nothing captures the essence of Jack like this 3-minute video:

It's a very special message that Jack left at the end of one his shows back in the day and I just think it may be the most important advice any of us could ever strive to follow:

I  hope that I can even have a small fraction of the impact that this man has had on the world's fitness and peoples lives. And I'm very appreciative of the path he paved to allow me to do what I love every day... helping YOU find happiness through fitness ;)

Thanks Jack for all you have done and will continue to do...
Finish Strong!!!

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