Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I understand your pain.....

hey okay this is a short post..but wanted to share with you anyway.
I know some of you think just because Im a fitness professional I love to workout which makes me part of the 1% of the population that actually enjoys working out. (which is probably true)
But I can relate to some of you contrary to popular belief .

Just the other day I knew it was one of my workout days...but i put it off until later that day. I advise that you get your workouts in as early as possible. so there I was it was 230 im  sleeping on the couch trying to stay cool from the summer heat with my fan full blast a cup of cold water and I was feeling great.

Then that nagging thing came to me..."Chelsea you didnt work out yet and you wont be able to later because you are teaching a class"... get up!I tried to erase the thought and go back to sleep but it persisted.... then I began to think of every reason why I could NOT go workout.
  • It was HOT
  • I had a slight headache
  • I had to drive 8 minutes to the place where I work out
  • I didnt have time
  • I didnt feel like it
  • I didnt have any clean socks
  • I was hungry( not really but any excuse would do)
  • Did I have gas in my car?
All these excuses came up in a matter of seconds. And at that moment I understood what happens when most people think about going to my classes or just getting up to do some exercise. But I also realized that i needed to move my body and it would reward me later when I was wearing that nice outfit, or when my energy level is up , or when I get compliments on my arms(im just being real)oh and staying healthy is a plus.

So I dragged myself into the room threw on some clothes and had a pretty decent workout and im glad I did.!

Moral of  the story: I need a workout partner because this self motivation  and accountability is for the birds!LOL!! And you probably do too... so if you are in the area come join me at my Fit Camp at my many locations and times in the long beach area...but before you do that

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Stay Fit & Strong!!


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