Friday, May 14, 2010

What I learned from Fitness Business summit..

Hope all is well!!
I just got back from a fitness Seminar , it was actually a Fitness Business Summit. Which was awesome, imagine 300 fitness professionals in one room trying to better themselves for their clients. there were some great Speakers like Joe Polish(this guy has worked with everyone). Look him up.

I networked with some awesome people from all over the country from Brooklyn N.Y , Minnesota,  Chi-town and Philly, to name a few. Its rare that you go anywhere and met dozens of people that have great energy and are really good that was refreshing! On Friday night we all networked at Dave and Busters its basically like a Chuck E. Cheese for adults I had a blast. The next night I took a couple of complete strangers (well I meet them the day before at the Seminar) to Downtown Disney. They were from New York so i thought Id show them the Happiest Place on EArth..LOL!!( Quick shoot out to Aja and Mark if your reading this!!)
Me on a Harley!!

Everyone had a great time, Im sharing this with you to let you know that whatever you enjoy doing(provided that its not illegal and its not hurting anyone directly or indirectly) go do it and whats even more important is that  you find like minded, positve, motivated people to surround yourself  with... the sky is the LIMIT!!

That is basically what my Fit Body Boot Camps are...a meeting of like minded individuals, striving for excellence in a positive environment. You have to win and in this case you have to tone up, lose weight and feel GREAT!!

I learned  a few things at the Fitness Business Summit 2010 and would like to share them with you:
  • I dont just help people lose weight I save lives!!
  • Anything that Ive ever done that had any significance, took me out of my comfort zone
  • Know your purpose and pursue it
  • Sometimes you have to pay the price(monetarily) to acheive your goal
  • Invest in yourself..your worth it
  • If there are crabs in your life let them go(a crab is someone or things that are constantly pulling you down and keeping you from achieving the greatness you already have)
  • Networking is fun and works
  • Consistency is key
  • A.P.E appreciation, passion and energy bring it everyday!!
  • Start living your life NOW...its the only one you have..dont wait
  • Stop thinking in the box, stop believing what people tell you, you can or cannot do.sometimes people tell you things like that only because they have tried and failed. And dont be afraid to fail everyone that has ever accomplished anything failed thousands of times before they succeeded!
Well that's it for my wise words...Hope they help and come in handy. I enjoy sharing what I learn from different places with you.

Feel free to share some things you have learned from life .
Until the Next time,
Stay Fit and Fab(thats my new slogan he..he )

chelsea C.


  1. You have a wonderful outlook Chelsea and you are obviously passionate and professional toward the fitness industry and helping others!

    In response to your question about what have we learned from life: For me, life is a journey, every day is an adventure that involves actions and decisions. These actions and decisions determine our direction and it's completely up to the individual what direction they choose, not society or their environment.

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Wow, I can't believe I waited to read this until now, Chels. Thank you so much for being optimistic not only in what you do but in helping other's realize & reach their potential.

    I'm so proud of you.