Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Girl Scout Confession....

 Hope all is well....

Its Girl Scout cookie season...again, and I have to admit I have fallen into the trap. I bought 2 boxes of girl scout cookies(do-si-dos and thin mints).Only because my 8 year old cousin is in the Girl scouts and there is an unspoken rule in my family, if one of my nieces, nephews or cousins is selling something for their school, club or whatever else, you have to support them. (so yes I was forced!)

I dont know why I didnt just buy one box or just give her money.(next year for sure) Plus since I very rarely keep cookies, cakes and the like in my house I thought I would be okay.

Even when I didnt want the cookies I found myself going in the pantry and pulling out twoor three. I thought this is the very reason I dont keep sweets in my house. Now thats not to say I dont  ever eat sweets, its just that I dont keep them in the house, so I wont be tempted by them. (I'm happy to report that the cookies are almost gone..I guess I should give them away...but since I follow the 90/10 rule its not that big of a problem), anyway enough of my cookie confessions.

Here are 4 strategies that will allow you to enjoy your favorite girl Scout Cookies ...without wiping out your hard work and destroying your body!!

So how can you support your local Girl Scout Troops without sabotaging your fat loss efforts?

Here are a few tips:

1.Remember our 90/10 rule – 90% of the time, eat clean. The other 10% of the time, relax a bit. And that’s where something like Girl Scout Cookies come into play – the “other 10%” of the time. On occasion, I wouldn’t worry about them. If they follow every single meal or even dinner every single night of the week, it would be smart to cut back a bit.

2.Hide them. We’re not all about buying junky foods and hoarding them under the bed or closet so you can secretly eat them when no one is looking. Hide them by putting them in the freezer – out of sight, out of mind.

3.Portion them. Take 1 or 2 cookies out of the sleeve and put the box back. You’ll be less likely to finish off a sleeve if the box isn’t sitting in front of you, open, and calling your name.

4.Donate money without taking the cookies. If you know that when there is a box of cookies in your house you’ll finish them in a matter of minutes, don’t buy them. Simply pay for a box but don’t take it.

And the 4th suggestion is what Im doing next year. The Girl Scouts are a great organization and my cousin is one so I have to support and donate – but since I've learned my lesson about boxes of cookies around the house, I'll just give money and they can keep the box for themselves....check back with me next year, and see if I hold up to that one. Hey no one is perfect, just strive to eat more real food then junk food.For more information on that check out my book Fitness Made 

Hope these tips helped. If you want more tips and info. on how to reach all your fitness goals go to  Friday the sale ends, dont wait!

Dedicated to YOur Fitness Success!!

Chelsea C.

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